Salina: Piraino’s office to receive makeover

Miranda L. Pennock 10/04/10More articles
Changes are coming for Salina Town Justice Andrew Piraino’s office.

The Salina Town Board approved Monday Sept. 27 an agreement with Romano Construction Contractors to complete $9,880 worth of work in Piraino’s office. The project will be paid for through a Justice Court Assistance Program grant awarded to the town’s justice court.

According to Town Clerk Jeannie Ventre, the total grant amount is $12,200. While she is not sure what the remaining funds will benefit, it has to go to the justice court, she said.

Supervisor Mark Nicotra said this is the second JCAP grant the town has received in as many years. Judge Paul Carey’s court was the recipient of $29,873.99 during the 2008 JCAP funding round and had a project completed for his court in 2009.

For Piraino’s court, the town is planning to upgrade security, Nicotra said.

“[The project will] construct a security wall and door on the inside, because it’s wide open at the moment,” he said.

The wall would provide a glass window with a cutout in it for the judge’s staff and residents to speak to one another through, along with a security door, which for all intents and purposes would keep the staff safe in the event of an unruly visitor.

“Unfortunately the people we see that come through our court aren’t always the most upstanding citizens,” Nicotra said.

The municipality has accepted the funds and Nicotra said the town is happy to take part in the granting process and apply for any monies available to improve the town, particularly when the funds are not coming directly from local tax dollars.

“I think anytime we can get grant money is certainly a great windfall for the town,” Nicotra said.

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