Lysander board news: New hire policy discussed

Erin Wisneski 10/07/10More articles
Lysander officials recently appointed three town employees. Jill Czyz was appointed the full-time secretary to the supervisor, formerly serving as the part-time justice clerk for Judge W. Patrick Mullin; Sandy Nieva was appointed the part-time justice clerk for Judge Mullin, having formerly served Judge Claire Rutherford; and Patricia Maguire was appointed the part-time justice clerk for Judge Rutherford.

On the same note, Councilor Brian May said he would like to create a town policy that required a background check on all new hires. Currently, the town only requires a background check on park employees and a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles check on Lysander Department of Public Works employees.

May said he would like the town to contract with an outside firm to do background checks and, because the town does not hire people often, it shouldn’t be a great expense. No action was taken regarding the suggestion.

Hydrofracking law drafted
Lysander Town Attorney David Twichell has drafted a law designed to protect and preserve town roads in the event hydro fracking should come to the area. The town board tabled the law for further review at the Monday Oct. 4 meeting.

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