Elbridge Town Board salaries approved

Town approves 2007 salaries

The Elbridge town board recently approved the following salaries and wages:

Supervisor, Kenneth Bush Jr., $10,500; budget officer, Bush, $515; councilors, $4,000 each; highway superintendent, Dennis Pelmear, $40,000; town clerk/tax collector, $33,765; town justice, Patricia DaRue and John Kneeland, $9,985 each; supervisor's secretary, Wendy Duck, $32,880;
Budget office assistant, Duck, $2,369; deputy town clerk/tax collector, Debra Stapleton, $22,510; deputy town clerk/tax collector, Eleanor Cooper, $16.48 per hour; records management, Cooper, $13 an hour; on-call clerk I, Paige Boratko, $10 per hour.
Assessor (including revaluation), Lawrence Fitts, $30,500; water superintendent (Hart Lot), Thomas King, $5,845; code enforcement officer, Jeff Bartoszewski, highway superintendent secretary, Penny Ceratt, $2,272; assessor's clerk, Ceratt, $20,456; buildings/grounds laborer, Richard Mastin, $8.50 an hour.
Technology consultant, Louis Barbaglia, $3,000 (paid quarterly); recreation director, Vivian Wilson, $13,923; dog control officer, Steven Remp, $6,365 (annually); assistant dog control, Peggy Remp, $1,856 (annually); clerk to justices, Linda Faulkner, $23,284;
Town historian, Jack Horner, $3,090 (annually); clerk to historian, Janette Richardson, $8.65 per hour; M.E.O./outside crew leader, Earl Schell, $18.31 per hour; deputy highway superintendent, Schell, $18.31; M.E.O./inside crew leader, Duane Milton, $18.11 an hour; M.E.O., Dennis Milton, William Snyder, Randy Bozeat, $17.81 per hour; M.E.O., Roger Darling, Harold Meaker, Lester Bozeat, $11.25/hour;
Chair/zoning board of appeals, John Moorehead, $1,100 (annually); secretary/zoning board, Paige Boratko, $675 (annually); members/zoning board, $550 (annually); chair/planning board, Frederick Weisskopf, $1,400 (annually); secretary/planning board, Meg Schader, $1,200 (annually); members/planning board, $800 (annually), alternates, $400 (annually);
Chair/board of assessment review, William Sheldon, $130 (annually); members/BAR, $100 (annually); secretary/BAR, Ceratt, $105 (annually); clerk I/justice office, Marie Bush, $10.61/hour. The board also passed several operational resolutions, including:
Town officials and employees using their own vehicles will be reimbursed at the current federal rate per mile;
Regular town board meetings will be at 7 p.m. the first and third Wednesdays of the month, except the organizational meeting, which will be announced by the board;
A procedure for board meetings. Guests who give advance notice of their topic will be allowed five minutes to speak early in the meeting. There will be open discussion at the end of the meeting, with each person allowed five minutes to speak;
Designated town hall, the Jordan and Elbridge post offices, Lyons National Bank and M&T banks as areas to post town legal notices;
Retained Dirk Oudemool as attorney for the town board at an annual fee of $10,000 and as attorney for the planning board at an annual fee of $5,000;
Announced Scott Chatsfield is the attorney for the zoning board of appeals for annual fee of $5,000;
Reached an agreement with the highway superintendent and the county highway department for an expenditure of $164,000 for general repairs to 30.15 miles of town roads; A $1 fee will be charged for the issuance of a second notice to taxpayers who don't pay their taxes by March 15. When the town is seeking applications for employment and no qualified applicants come forward, the town board can waive the residency requirement; town officers and department heads can make purchases not exceeding $500 without the supervisor's approval. Two price quotes are needed for any purchase over $500. The highway department can make purchases not exceeding $1,500 without supervisor approval.

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