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What's News

What's News is Eagle Newspapers' weekly podcast. Executive Editor Gary Catt, Managing Editor Jen Wing and writers and editors from our newsroom discuss the news and issues from the pages of our newspapers.

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Episode 43: Guns and Pedestrians
In a Gary-less edition, Jenn is joined by Sarah Hall to discuss gun rights and pedestrian saftey. Duration: 13:54

Episode 42: Happy Birthday Salina!
Gary and Jenn are joined by Sarah "the historian" Hall to talk about the Salina Bicentennial. Sarah will be on site for this event signing autographs, so feel free to pull her over and ask for her signature on Eagle's "Salina Days" Special Section coming out soon. Duration: 15:47

Episode 41: Kittel Road and Cutest Critters
In this episode Jen is back and her and Gary welcome Tami Zimmerman in to talk about the Kittel Road situation in Dewitt. Also, a call to all readers to send photos in for our next Pets publication. Photos will also be entered into our "Cutest Critters Contest". Duration: 17:41

Episode 40: Shovel Ready
In this episode, Gary is joined by Ellen and Ami of the City Eagle to take a look at some of the possible stimulis money coming our way and what a similar project did for New York in the past. Duration: 13:05

Episode 39: Stadiums and Supers
In this episode, Sarah Hall joins the crew to discuss the insides of the Liverpool School District including the recent vote and what's to come with the Superintendent search. Duration: 12:36

Episode 38: The Sad Blue Truth
In this episode, Gary and Jenn are joined by Tami Zimmerman who has been researching a recent apparent suicide of a police officer in Dewitt and has discovered that this sort of thing happens in alarming numbers across the country. It is the sad truth about our boy (and girls) in Blue. On a lighter note, there is also a missing Tin Man. Duration: 15:46

Episode 37: A spirited Wine debate
In this episode, Ami Olsen joins the crew to discuss the recent Town Hall style meeting regarding Gov. Patterson's proposal to let grocery stores sell wine. Is it good for the consumer? Or is it just another way to put a mom and pop industry out of business? Duration: 22:21

Episode 36: Hey Salina, we need you!
In this episode, Sarah Hall joins the cast to discuss the upcoming Bi-Centenial Celebration for Salina. She extends a shout out to all Salina listeners to send in their pictures, videos and stories. Address them to and make sure you note that this is for the upcoming Salina Bi-Centenial. Also some discussion on the Castor trial. Duration: 11:06

Episode 35: Money for Guns-just PR?
In this episode, Gary and Jenn are joined by Ami Olson and Intern Farah to discuss the "gun amnesty" program that Syracuse is about to run. The question is asked, is this all just a Public Relations scheme? Duration: 20:09

Episode 34: Manlius Election Forum Set
Tami Zimmerman joins Gary and Jenn to talk about Elections and news around Manlius including the Eagle Newspapers sponsored forum, moderated by non other than our very own Jenn Wing. Duration: 14:30

Episode 33: Sylvan Beach School to Close
In this episode, Gary, Jen and Abbey discuss the closing of the Sylvan Beach Elementary as well as the end of open lunches at Oneida High. Duration: 16:11

Episode 32: Matousek era comes to an end
In this episode, Jen, Gary and Liverpool Review Editor Sarah Hall discuss the cause and effects of Janice Matousek's (LCSD Superintendent) retirement. Duration: 12:48

Episode 31: An Eagle's view on 2009
In this episode, Gary and Jen are joined by almost every Eagle editor on staff! They are all here to let us know what is happening in 2009 in your community. Duration: 19:07

Episode 30: Holiday Podcast... 2
In this podcast, Jen and Gary are joined by Tami Zimmerman. They discuss some recent happenings in Manlius and find out how difficult it is to get straight answers from the DOT. Duration: 22:13

Episode 29: Have a Happy, Cautious, Holiday
In this holiday edition Jen and Gary discuss the dangers that the season brings and somethings you can do to prevent them. Duration: 14:51

Episode 28: Part II on tackling prescription drug abuse in schools
Gary and Jen are joined this week by Ami and Miranda to get their take on the current problem plaguing schools today. Duration: 16:27

Episode 27: The new drug craze
Gary, Jen and Tami discuss the latest reality that parents have to deal with... kids and prescription drugs. Duration: 14:26

Episode 26: Politics, government and more politics
A full house discusses the recent elections and a whole lot more. Gary, Jen, Ami Olson and Sarah Hall pack in to the studio for a lively discussion. Duration: 26:32

Episode 25: Politics, as usual
Gary is joined by Ami Olson and Sarah Hall to talk about the local races and the interviews they've done so far. Duration: 16:37

Episode 24: It's autumn in the city
City Eagle Editor Ellen Leahy returns to talk about a cornucopia of issues and happenings within the city. Duration: 15:40

Episode 23: White-out for the ballots
Madison County Senior Editor Martha Conway joins Gary and Jen to discuss breaking news in the Madison County district attorney race. Duration: 13:50

Episode 22: A quiz for Jen!
Gary springs a pop quiz on Jen, while Abbey Woodcock returns to talk about an escaped bull in Vernon, high school football and more. Duration: 14:51

Episode 21: Walkin' in Fayetteville
Tami Zimmerman of the DeWitt Times and Fayetteville Eagle Bulletin to talk about walkways in Fayetteville. Residents want it to be a walkable village, and grants will help put more sidewalks in to make that happen. Duration: 18:39

Episode 20: A neighborhood divide
City Eagle Editor Ellen Leahy comes on the podcast to talk about "The Express" movie, recent developments in a Syracuse neighborhood and more. Duration: 20:40

Episode 19: Clay leadership void!
Sarah Hall comes in to talk about Jim Rowley's new county job, and Phil Blackwell talks a little high school gridiron. Duration: 12:52

Episode 18: Erin's first podcast!
Baldwinsville Editor Erin Smith joins Gary and Jen to discuss the fair, PAC-B's new home, and more. Duration: 17:42

Episode 17: Fair weather, fair days
Gary, Jen and Ami Olson talk about why they love the State Fair, Central New York's biggest party! Duration: 19:42

Episode 16: Sports cornucopia
Sports Editor Phil Blackwell and Eagle Bulletin/DeWitt Times Editor Tami Zimmerman join Gary for a cornucopia of sports news. Duration: 23:28

Episode 15: Hotels and heroes
Gary is vacationing this week, so Jen is joined by Ellen Leahy and Tami Zimmerman to discuss the new downtown hotel proposal and a local hero who saved a potential drowning victim. Duration: 16:53

Episode 14: Money in Liverpool schools
Sarah Hall returns to talk about the comptroller's report outlining problems found in the district's books. Duration: 11:00

Episode 13: Tragedy in Elbridge
Advocate Editor Ami Olson drops in to talk about the gruesome murder case in Elbridge, a proposed cat law and more. Duration: 15:02

Episode 12: Clay's the best?
Review Editor Sarah Hall returns again, this time to talk about Money magazine's naming Clay as one of the best small places to live in the U.S. Why Clay and not Manlius? Find out. They also talk about Barenaked Ladies in Manlius. Duration: 20:02

Episode 11: Heavenly coffee and The Ear
Jen gets the week off, so Gary brings in City Eagle Editor Ellen Leahy and Skaneateles/Marcellus Editor Abbey Woodcock to talk about coffee for the soul, windmills in Spafford and sailboats in Skaneateles. Duration: 25:58

Episode 10: Coffee, cops and Capulets
Sarah Hall returns to collect on her bet with Gary, the results of the vote over improvements at Liverpool schools, and more. E-mail Sarah at and tell her to start a blog! Duration: 32:10

Episode 9: Snakes and money and bicycle rides
Ami Olson returns to talk about the p y t h o n set loose in Elbridge, her experiences riding her bike to work and more. Check out Ami's blog at Duration: 21:59

Episode 8: Get out and vote
Review/Star-News Editor Sarah Hall returns to talk about the Clay police merger, the Liverpool school district's hopes for improvements and a missing Liverpool youth. Duration: 25:11

Episode 7: Easy being green?
Ami Olson comes back to talk about her personal efforts to go green, as well as the myriad amount of green news coming from the western suburbs. Check out Ami's journey to become more eco-friendly at Duration: 13:32

Episode 6: Clay PD Blues
Liverpool Review Editor Sarah Hall joins Gary and Jen to talk about the Clay Police Department and the proposal to consolidate the department with the county Sheriff's Department. Duration: 29:55

Episode 5: The 13,000-acre question
Madison County Senior Editor Martha Conway joins Gary and Jen to talk about the recent court decision to take about 13,000 acres in Madison and Oneida counties off the tax rolls for the Oneida Indians' use. Duration: 19:09

Episode 4: Keep truckin'?
Skaneateles Press/Marcellus Observer Editor Abbey Woodcock joins Gary and Jen to discuss truck traffic in Skaneateles, the Oneida school district budget and more. Check out Abbey's blog at Duration: 13:38

Episode 3: Bear necessities
Camillus Advocate/Solvay-Geddes Express Editor Ami Olson joins Gary and Jen to discuss the bear killed after it was found wandering the western suburbs and a mysterious sound heard in Solvay. Check out Ami's blog at Duration: 15:06

Episode 2: The Crunch's quest
Eagle Newspapers Sports Editor Phil Blackwell joins Gary and Jen to discuss the Syracuse Crunch's drive for the Calder Cup, whether the new grass at Alliance Bank Stadium has helped the Chiefs get off to a good start, and more. Duration: 13:17

Episode 1: Will there be turf at F-M after all?
Eagle Bulletin and Dewitt Times Editor Tami Zimmerman joins Gary and Jen to talk about the still-simmering artificial turf issue at F-M, and what's being done to commemorate a sad anniversary. Duration: 24:10

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